June 03, 2004

A New Star is Born

I guess I finally got around to making a blog. I've always liked Adriaan Tijsseling's ecto, but I until I can afford that program, I'll be sticking with the Blogger web interface. Or maybe I can program something better later, who knows.

A bit about me: I've been living in Austin for the past few days at the Castilian dorms, because this summer I'm working as an intern at ARL:UT. As you can probably tell from my name, I'm an ardent Mac user–for those of you who were wondering, the name is an allusion to Orwell's 1984, not some weird Judeo-Scottish amalgamation. I use OS X on my Powerbook to develop Java apps, web-pages and the like, and would highly recommend it. At the labs, I'm stuck SSH'ing into a Sun server from a Windows machine with some sort of hack-job X-windows server running. At least I still have emacs–the one thing I've ever liked that RMS has had anything to do with.

I've also got a girlfriend–sorry, ladies–that is as of yet in New York watching plays and shopping. I enjoy biking–particularly the mountainous variety–and playing violin and piano. Reading is fun, but having just graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program, it can sometimes be a bit much.

As I get more into this blogging thing–I may even mobblog with my T616–I'll have more interesting things to post, but until then, peace.


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