July 27, 2004

Eating Lunch

Schlotzsky's is awesome. I'm sitting around chatting with my roommate and friends while eating tuna and coding. I hope someday that 802.11 is so ubiquitous as to be accessible from the middle of the Gobi-It's the greatest thing since sliced cheddar and parmesan bread.

Also, has anyone seen this? Apparently ol' Dubya has picked up mountain biking. I've taken a few spills myself, but without the "mouth guard" he apparently rides around with. I mean, he is the president, but biking with a mouth guard is pretty geeky. I hope he likes the sport, even though I can't say I like him.

Any other bikers out there? I busted my back tire last Sunday, but it already had four or five patched holes in it, so I wasn't surprised. I think I may have done it jumping off a foot-high concrete pavilion... It was a nice jump, but I had forgotten I had tightened my back shocks for street riding. Oh well. I guess I'll be buying a new tube.


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